Water being

If you ask me the most beautiful thing about a drop of water, I tell you transparency. If you ask me, what does its shape inspire me? Perfection and the similarity between one and the other. Delicate gems fall regular and are determined from the source until they dig into the stone. The quality I appreciate is the sound of the eddies of a stream or the wave jaggedness on the shoreline. And then, of its tenacious and resilient fluidity to rejoin the great sea, of the most archaic and eternal matter.

It was summer: we, children. I remember many beautiful trips to the mountains and cheerful picnics on the riverbed. Walk briskly towards the valley floor; we put down our backpack, off our boots, and in a moment, we were with our feet cool in the crystal-clear water. Then the most beautiful game began: the construction of the stone dam. The experienced fathers searched for granite with square shapes and suitable for construction. Time to eat our sandwiches, sweeten the early afternoon with dried fruit and squares of chocolate, and we were already there to observe the water looking for other paths before overwhelming the small dam and boldly resuming its journey.

In the course of one’s existence, one finds oneself in front of a barrier: an imposing obstacle that obstructs the flow of energy and everyday life. That blocks our projects. And sometimes, due to secret and incomprehensible mechanisms. Our first reaction? The mind is alert and pragmatic, proposes flawless schemes and logic, relegating us to the corner of complicated strategies and alibis with the logarithmic trend.

Now, imagine the first drop that gushes from the spring, ready to fall on the rigid surface of the granite rock; if it could think, it would live in terror of that fall, foreshadowed as a fateful end. So stiff with fear, it would stop flowing, losing its unique quality, that of resilience. But no, it slips up to the edge and then ‘splash’, here it is… transformed into many small entities upon contact with the obstacle; so small that you do not feel the encounter with the repelling surface of the stone and even hug it to slide over. Therefore, if the definition of borders, knowing how to recognize oneself in one’s quality of analysis, and definition of the self is essential values, so are fluidity and the ability to adhere and merge with the extraneous experience we have before us.

The great thing is that we are made of 60% water. Crystals whose shape, as the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has shown, depends on the emotional imprinting to which it is subjected.

Crystals change their structure with the messages they receive. For example, when stimulated with vibrations of positive words and thoughts, they take on precious forms; if the beats and comments are negative, they react by creating amorphous and harmonious structures.

Our essence is like an excellent shining crystal, capable of flowing and resonating with joy and hope, like the myriads of molecules that compose it. So, dear soul, are you ready to say an unconditional and confident YES to life and the evolutionary thrust of its arcane paths? Are you ready to transform yourself into the precious and resilient drop that flows to find the direction of the great sea?


Yes I want to have this experience.