Family constellations

An immense root penetrates to the centre of the earth and has been nourished
since the dawn of the universe.

It represents the infinite intertwining of the destinies of humanity.
You have certainly heard stories about your ancestors; maybe you’ve been
intrigued about the personality of some of them; better if aligned with the family traditions, and social status.

On the other hand, there may no longer be any trace of numerous other ancestors.
They probably have been excluded, forgotten for the course of unfortunate or traumatic events, for their different ideas, or even just for an impossible love.

Everyone lives in us with the energy of his experience, the victories, the defeats, the fears, the emotions, the passions. Yet, it is precisely those hidden bonds, in the form of cherished memories or dark shadows, that give or take strength from your life. Any choice of life – forced, suffered, or expressed in the most unrestrained will – has the right to be remembered, and thanked. Because it is the foundation of who we are today and of the destiny we are called to interpret, whether we like it or not.
Unearthing and honouring these subtle connections – in the here and now, in compassion, and without any judgment – nurtures awareness of our truth. According to the intuition of the founder of the family constellation theory – the anthropologist and systemic psychotherapist Bert Hellinger – relationships, traumas, and the dynamics of realization or failure of one’s goals are handed down from generation to generation in an unaware replication of fates.

Family Constellations are a powerful technique that allows you to unearth, recognize and undo knots that are a consequence of the traumas suffered that have given rise to a set of unwritten laws and invisible loyalties that regulate the balance of a family, company and nation system.
Every living system tends to keep itself in equilibrium and to replicate identically. Suppose that in the original family system, there is the paradigm that one must make great sacrifices to obtain a result. In that case, the system works to remain compliant to a fatigue and difficulty design rather than evolve towards a new awareness. To ‘be right’ because things have always been done this way, or to be happy?
Dissolving ancient energy knots helps to rediscover one’s unconditional nature, vital, free and powerful, to express one’s talents and achieve great personal goals.

How does a constellation work?

The intention is not to pursue a happy ending but to let reality emerge for what it is. Only in this control and judgment-free approach the energetic condition for constellating is set. The work starts from observing what happens in the body: small movements and sensations. Sometimes it is precisely the numbness or absence of any action that indicates a direction. The work can deviate from the original intent and be guided by what needs to emerge at the moment.
When I started gathering a few friends for my first constellation circles,
I was immediately surprised by the strength of knowing how to entrust myself to the ‘here and now’ and to a larger morphogenetic field. Every time I somehow slipped into the attitude of governing the situation, the constellation stopped vibrating. Then, finally, it was enough to ‘let it be’, and everything returned to move with incredible energy.
In the loving holding of the circle, the ‘consultants’ can – in the interaction with other representatives – recreate their constellation and restore the balance of their system by acting on the three orders of love: the laws of belonging, precedence and balance between giving and receiving.


Why constellate?

• To become witness of creative and emotional resources by re-establishing a bond of trust and love with one’s ancestors
• To explore the causes of any conflicts and failures in personal and professional life
• To intercept and dissolve knots or conditionings in one’s family of origin
• To process generational and collective traumas
• To transform economic, relationship, and health difficulties
• To re-evaluate the heritage of one’s genealogy