Lotus flowers, roots and brushes

About ten years ago, after my mother’s death, among her memories and all the papers I was arranging in the first moment of relief after the great pain, I had found some files, letters, and an entire volume printed on the history of the family. At the time I was starting the training course in family constellations, and finding all those beautiful testimonies was really precious. Many anecdotes and narratives were written by hand by some ancestor, the more recent chronicles had been typed by my grandfather, while the oldest ones were kept in a volume printed in Gothic type, barely legible for me. (My mother’s family was of German and Austrian origins)
I decided to create an interactive site on my genealogy thinking of my children and great-grandchildren, to carry on the beautiful conservation work done up to that moment. As I proceeded to reconstruct the genealogy, I was able to find documents, ideas, stories of relatives with some ease, it was incredible. It took me one year: it was an exciting project also because it was supported by the intense work on my roots that I was carrying out with my family constellation masters Marco Massignan and Elena Dell’Orto.
A dear friend of mine invites me to spend a day in the countryside near the Candia lake, here in Piedmont, the region I live. I had already told her that somewhere there must have been the villa of my great-grandfather (on my father’s side), the landscape painter Giuseppe Camino.
She, very cute, decides to accompany me in search of my roots and we start right from the shores of the lake.
The day is enchanting, the surface of the water just rippled by the breeze is sprinkled with large lotus flowers, a symbol of my Buddhist faith. A reminder.
I rely on intuition, allowing us to be led along the banks and then heading towards Caluso.
We start walking in the oldest village, we enter a beautiful church. The large organ pipes seem to want to give the A. The alleys outside are pervaded by an atmosphere with slight September omens. A little further on, an alley named after Giuseppe Camino starts.
Lively and curious like two hounds, we watch here and there, climbing behind a series of dense alleys until we see the ivy-covered facade that I knew well, being the background of a sepia-colored portrait of my great-grandparents and their funny dog, Naughty Boy.
A very strong, almost excruciating emotion, similar to the one you may feel during a constellation in the woods when the tree and the energy to constellate are manifested.
But… how can you see better beyond the great stone wall?
I rang the intercom of the neighboring villa and we were greeted with wonderful hospitality and sympathy by the neighbors of the family who bought Villa Camino after WW2. Then, the connection and synchronicity. A meeting of glances and a beautiful light: the lady was returning home with the shopping. I told her that I was a descendant of the painter Camino and she with great generosity led us into the garden and the vineyard of the grandparents. An embrace of beauty, sweetness, prosperity, trust, creativity, pride of belonging. The light and luminous energy of our essence.
I really have a lot of joyful gratitude for those who bought the villa and kept it in its original beauty!


Yes I want to have this experience.