Harmonizing opposites

A loving thank-you, first of all. Thanks to each of us for having reached this special place. The rustle of the wind, the chirping birds, the wise presence of the hawks drawing wide circles in the sky. Thanks to the sugary clouds and the beautiful energies that have supported us. Here it is, the unique and necessary place for our work.

The moment we live in is crucial, and the dualism seems to be more and more accentuated in society, our lives, our projects, conversations, and actions. On the essential issues then, it appears that the dominant energy is having to obsessively catalogue people’s thoughts with a sick instigation to the fans and the sides. These are the last blows of the tail of that paradigm of opposites, so mephitic and sticky because it is in profound transformation.

‘Mors tua, vita mea’. The paradigm works within us all. If I win, someone dies. If I’m happy, someone is unhappy. Yes, exactly, whether I am selfish or loving and generous. Yep, here’s the fine catch: I allow myself or deny myself the possibility of success and abundance because my victory damages for sure someone else.

We all hesitate in the safety of paradigms that are obsolete for us, yet still undecided about whether and how to leave our comfort zones. Why not try to think of your ‘Vita tua, vita mea’, or of ‘Your victory is my victory’ instead? Your happiness, our happiness, and the happiness of the world?

We did a meditation in the embrace of wonderful stone pines, reconnecting to the loving energy of the One. After the lightness and well-being of deep reconnection, hesitation emerged to start the work precisely those energies of contrast, doubt, and complicated decisions to make. One, or the other? This or that? Fear of the new, a sense of abyss, instability.

So, it was precisely from a doubt that we started. Crystal bells or shamanic drum? The powerful heartbeat of connection to Mother Earth or ethereal crystal vibrations?

Clara started with her glass bells. We have entrusted ourselves to her, leading with the absolute confidence to meet new inspirations in the precise vibrations of its bells. We were facing a trunk in the shape of a tuning fork, which I had not recognized in the strength of its message until that moment. Choosing between two paths involves fatigue, pain, exclusion, shock. However, the tuning fork teaches us that if an impulse stimulates one side, the other also vibrates, creating harmony. The inspiration we want to give to every thought and direction is love, positivity, gratitude, forgiveness, energies that harmonize opposites. And from this, we started bringing this awareness into everyone’s research.

The Greeks used diapason to indicate the interval between one note and another of double frequency. From the Greek διά πασῶν, sumphōnía dià pasôn khordôn, agreement using dià and pasòn, all the strings. We can find tuning forks that vibrate at different frequencies.

The tuning of 432 oscillations per second, a frequency that we find in nature, promotes the healing process and improves the emotional state in harmony with the biophysical methods of the organism. In addition, the 432 Hz sound is connected to the heart, feeling chakra, unlike the commonly adopted 440 Hz frequency, which works on the mind control chakra.

A practice that I suggest you do every day is to listen to music with instruments tuned to 432 Hz. The sound waves of the golden tuning stimulate relaxation of the mind and psychophysical rebalancing of the body. In harmony with the macro and microcosms, the OM creator sound is a perfect example of the synthesis of the Whole synthesis.

The profound work we have done, shared, and kept in our hearts is testimony to this.

Dear friends, it is appropriate to say that we have reached a high tuning!


Yes I want to have this experience.