Your Mandala, your centre

How much beauty and simplicity in the forms of nature. Perfect and imperfect in its elements, in its geometries. Just like us, a unique expression of a larger design and harmony.

The disconnection, suffering and traumas that we carry from our evolutionary journey often make us feel imperfect and not up to par with life or the various situations we encounter. This path helps you to re-centre yourself, connect with the energies of the ancestors and nature and restore your energetic and harmonic field by designing your mandala.

It is a group workshop and the work is done in a circle in a continuous giving and receiving feedback on emotions, difficulties, the discovery of one’s talent and innate harmony in each step of creation. So let yourself be amazed and enveloped by the vibrations of colours and the power of the sign.

This workshop is co-facilitated with Clara Morbelli

Brand designer in the style department of a multinational company, Clara has always been passionate about Egyptian culture, painting and drawing and is fascinated by the power of the mandala and the possibility of transmitting energy frequencies through the form. This research is supported by the transformation in progress carried out by the crystalline sounds emitted by the crystal bells, of which it is the guardian.


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