You are One. We are One.

After the great goal of the 60s passed sadly in a gloomy lockdown – fortunately in the embrace of my dearest loved ones – this of the 61 will be the first year of an era of renewal. From now, all downhill? Well, not really; life and our evolutionary purpose in this earthly form are studded with trials, experiences, paths—some flat, some uphill; few, downhill. Let’s say that when one conquers a broader vision and enjoys beautiful views, he certainly does not want to hike back to the valley. At least I sense it like this.

So, I was born in 1961. On January 6, 2022, I will be 61 years old.

61 61 61: I am not a numerology expert, but this sequence seems quite powerful and inspiring. And yes, I confess: I was tempted to ‘browse’ the numerology sites,

but then I preferred to rely on my instincts.

Six plus one: seven. The seven days of the week that mark our collective time, the seven notes of the staff, the harmony of the planets, and the Seven Wonders of the World come to mind.

We studied them at school: the pyramid of Cheops, the hanging gardens of Babylon, the Colossus of Rhodes, the statue of Zeus, but how many more! Growing up, I learned that the world is full of wonders and that, indeed, they are right there where you least expect them. They shine especially in the less flashy and opulent forms, and you only notice them if you are in the here and now, in your presencing and integrity.

From the six, we move on to the completeness and perfection of the seven, which represents creation and the space of silence necessary to make it sacred.

The seven marks the various phases of life and symbolizes the fulfilment of a cycle and the passage to a new unknown stage in which to know, experience, evolve. Our higher self yearns for a universal truth that goes beyond the limited vision of the ego, and the cycle of seven accompanies us in a series of symbolic passages. Logically speaking, I would have to wait for my 63rd birthday at the end of my ninth life cycle to celebrate the next seven years of research and experience.

Instead, I carry on and advance without wanting to disturb the astral drawings and the order of the Universe.

The fact is that this 61 61 61 has something truly mystical and unique about it.

And so, precisely at 6 PM and 1 minute on January 6, 2022, I’ll invite you to participate together in a meditation for peace and rebirth entitled You are one, we are one.

We will connect on zoom to create a space of silence. We will meditate to feel and share our sense of dignity, of truth, of the mission. The time has come to be One again, and I wish to celebrate this time with all of you!

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