To life, in a flap of wings

If the caterpillar knew it was becoming a butterfly, it would be, like us humans, passionately focused on that goal.
Its expectations would be so high, not to live with a conscious presence all the moments that make up its life in that precise journey. But the caterpillar waits with confidence and for the time that the Universe grants him for his magnificent realization.

We, on the other hand, are in a hurry. We want everything to be accomplished quickly, often willing to compromise to speed things up.

Setting goals and having ambitions is a beautiful energy that drives the human soul and carries on that process of satisfaction and awareness of our evolutionary path. So many times, however, our goals – even the greatest ones – not only do not come true but collapse due to adverse causes. Yet, it is precisely in that circumstance that, by accepting the facts for what they are and leaving aside negative emotions, we can experience the encounter with a more authentic part of us, our Self.

Setting and trying desperately to realize specific purposes often responds to a more subtle need to be recognized and accepted. Perhaps we need to demonstrate something or bring paths interrupted by our ancestors to a successful conclusion. But, more simply, our ego needs quick, verifiable satisfactions. Of consents, of applause. And if we fail in the enterprise, this leads us to think that we have been unable and are worth nothing. And, pay attention to it, we are immediately sure; we don’t like ourselves anymore in a moment. Our image in the mirror becomes a caricature, convinced that we are the unsuccessful copy of that icon of perfection that our mind had designed so well.

Failure is a terrible word that leaves no room for other possibilities. It is serious. It is inevitable. It makes us feel imperfect, unworthy and ready to add to the dose with a new wave of ambition and challenge. Again, until our mask becomes a warrior and stainless, of skin and leathery words until the detachment, we become an abyss.

So, let’s try to rename failure as a success that has not yet manifested itself, or rather, as a new possibility, a rebirth.

Not finding love, a job, an opportunity is a very unpleasant and frustrating experience. But on closer inspection, specific tiring experiences in many cases prelude something much more significant for our fulfilment. The Universe is organizing for us and our higher self-realization project.

And so, here we are, leaving for an unexpected weekend, out of the script of our perfect determination.

If we hadn’t lost our job, we would have had to be in a large meeting room, maybe playing the part of the rampant and perfect ‘problem solvers’, and instead, we are on the ramshackle machine of a soul friend who invited us at the last moment for a ‘gipsy thing’.

Then there is that little b & b with dry lavenders and a good smell of the sea in winter: a barefoot walk on the cold shoreline. Unexpected and straightforward things, yet already designed for us in the great groove. And awareness, moments of freedom, crazy laughter. We don’t care about the phone, the days of the week, the fear of extra pounds. Snuggle up in the slowness and silences of transformation. In collaboration and beauty, things happen quickly.

In that spontaneous and participatory dimension, life takes shape; our talent comes back to us, and our eyes finally begin to shine like beautiful stars.

And that new project, always put aside. Let alone believe that it could one day be the crowning glory of our existence! Yes, but what about consistency? You may respond to me. I have exercised a worthy profession, made and obtained consents all my life and then, for a whim, I should now change my life, just like changing my haircut style?

Consistency is the prison of change and sets the heavenly vibrations of life at zero. As Friedrich Nietzsche said, the stars are born is from chaos. Certainly not from tidy, predictable and perfect lives, I would add! Our Self feeds on energy, not on conditioning.

So here we are on that beach of small pebbles writing the first project ideas on the napkin of our crispy toast. If we were a grub, we would feel a strong desire to soar right now, supported by new, magnificent wings. Now is the time for fulfilment, ripe for us. So close that you don’t even recognize it; a bit like watching the waves without focusing. In the soft-focus, everything fluctuates and melts. It ends and starts again.

Welcome to the time of creation and supreme joy!


Yes I want to have this experience.