Tiny, huge Happyness

Inspirations, sparks, tiny stories: at that time, we went into the woods to constellate and danced in a beautiful ray of sunshine, that phrase or distinction that made you leap. Of that sudden awareness of yours that made you take back the reins of your life. A tastier coffee than usual. The beauty of an unknown smile.

Many years ago, I received a small chubby book as a gift entitled: ’14 .000 things to be happy about ‘.
Like many things that make you happy: a handbook, but what can I say, an avalanche list of simple gestures and things that make every day a masterpiece of the author, Barbara Ann Kipfer. It looked like the usual American bestseller that makes everything seem simple to you. But, at the time, I was a rather unhappy soul by default, and this gift was not immediately apparent to me.

Yes, of course: a blueberry pie, fold the napkin after dinner. A kerosene lamp? Is she kidding? I said to myself, and she even wrote a book about it. In reality, the author has gone through storms and dramatic periods, and the simplicity of things has saved her from the shadows.
Today I look at the little book: it has the back split in three and flying sheets. How many times have I picked it up, if only to look for inspiration for a job, a complex phrase to say, a tear to drop down faster and smile again. There could also be more than 14,000 things that have value in the present moment. We all have them and at all times. Just notice it. After all, life is now. The past is the last instant, and the future, the wink that will come.

You live here, and now, you might as well enjoy every fragment, making every small gesture a great miracle: many snapshots of effortless happiness, happy moments.
Here, this is the spirit of our research. With your every thought of beauty, vivid and straightforward, you will make a great gift to yourself and to all of us on the way. Namasté


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