Prosperity in compassion

“When we drink breast milk, compassion manifests itself in us. This act is for me a symbol of love and affection that lays the foundations of our whole life“. Thus teaches the XIV Dalai Lama.

Are you ready to show your compassion even in receiving? Are you allowing yourself to receive love and abundance from the universe? What are the knots that still hinder the wonderful flow of prosperity in your life? What energies hold back and limit a full and joyful realization of your talent? What limiting beliefs in the family system prevent your full realization? Why is often the work and passionate commitment lavished on the work you do not always recognize and paid adequately?

How do you relate to the energy of imposed scarcity from our governments, industries in production processes and commercial relations with their methods, practices and strategies always tending towards negotiation and cost reduction?

This path helps you to dissolve ancient resistances, coming into contact with the unconditional and loving energy of ancestors to receive love, talents and prosperity by unleashing your innate potential.
You are rebalancing the harmony between giving and receiving and transforming limiting conditioning into pure energy: an experiential day of family constellations and talent coaching dedicated to realising your highest project. For joyful and revitalizing completeness.


Yes I want to have this experience.