More than a gift, an inspiration

Choosing to undertake a path of self-research is a very personal and important decision; it can arise from curiosity, but more often from a sense of discomfort and the annoying perception of never being in the right place.

Everything seems harsh, things don’t fit together, and projects happen. But how to find the most suitable path to understanding better who we are and our mission in this life? Before thinking about our mission, to whom can we truly open our hearts and entrust ourselves to undertake such a delicate search?

If you want to inspire a loved one to take a new path of light, Yasur’s gift card is the proper thought. Who will receive the gift will be able to interview to learn about the various proposals and live the most relevant experience for the moment. A journey of awareness can begin by writing a letter, a story or taking a walk in the woods in contact with the subtle energies of nature and one’s ancestors.

Giving a gift is an act of love. Inspire the people you genuinely care about with a chance to take a new path.

Buy the Gift Card valid for six months for an individual session or group gathering.


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