I watch you flowing. I listen to your gurgling always the same, always different.

I allow myself all the time I need to clear my mind.

Any thought that distracts me, I entrust to your benevolent current.

My breath connects me to you.

I enter your turquoise vortexes, up to the centre of your pure crystals that I bless and thank.

Your light energy now flows through me and reaches every cell of mine.

Every dark energy, every toxin, every negative thought now flows away with you, downstream, to return to the great sea.

I entrust my fears, anxieties, and sense of inadequacy to you.

Any remotest thought that is not light may now flow away.

Your crystals bring benevolence, love, new inspirations to my soul.

Now that I connect to the breath of the Universe in my authentic energy,

I am letting out an intention of healing and love for Mother Earth, a prayer of unity and rebirth.



Yes I want to have this experience.