Meditation and purification rituals

Find a quiet space to dedicate a precious time to yourself. You can light a candle, incense and offer fruit or flowers to your life. Sit in the lotus position or, if you prefer to sit in a chair, keep your back straight while relaxing.

Bring your attention to the breath. Inhale effortlessly through the nose and follow the air column. Imagine the oxygen molecules reaching each of your capillaries, up to the most peripheral areas of your body. Bring your attention to every point of contact with the floor, or chair. With each exhalation, let yourself ‘sink’ and feel welcomed. Imagine letting go of thoughts, toxins, tensions.

Now imagine breathing pure light from your Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra, concentrate con the column of light as it crosses all the other chakras and imagine that from the Muladhara (root) chakra and all points of contact with the ground, many little white filaments are coming out like small roots. With each breath, let yourself expand. The light point from which your breath emanates moves away upwards and your roots consolidate, pass beyond the ground and penetrate the earth. Feel the scent of it. With each breath, expand also sideways, front and back and imagine the light source becoming more and more powerful. Now it is beyond the clouds, then among the stars. Your roots intertwine with the roots of the trees, woods and forests of the world and penetrate deeper and deeper. The light source is now very powerful, radiant and you perceive an unfathomable silence. We are at the center of the universe, at the center of your being; at the center of the earth. Imagine that the kern of the universe and the center of the earth are connected and give a circular energy to your breath. Now the I and the You become the We, and then the Whole. We are in a dimension without space, nor time: in the dimension of unconditional love. Savor absolute freedom, the sense of lightness, joy and awareness of the uniqueness of body, emotions and mind and their synchronicity in this contemplation. In this centering you no longer identify with any thought but you see it flow away as you observe it as a witness. With kindness and compassion. Now you can chant the sacred syllable Aum three times, or a prayer that you feel you want to offer to the Divine.

Stay a few minutes in this state of grace, imagine a shower of white petals that caress your soul and that of every living being on Earth. Also allow a prayer for Mother Earth and all your ancestors to surface. Honor every moment and stay in the light, even after meditation. Slowly, return to pay attention to your breath and focus on each part of the body to reactivate it with grace and calm without expecting anything from yourself. There is no difference between the reality we live and this eternal state of grace. It is the mind and the strategies of the little self that feed this duality. We are One. One with the Universe, One with Mother Nature, One with the Divine. Namasté


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