Light and simple, like a song.

Lightness has no boundaries. It fades towards something indefinite. Like when you look at things without focusing on anything in particular. In that faded whole, a small detail suddenly takes shape and seems to come your way. You have stopped searching with your mind and what is useful to you reaches you with simplicity. Two leaves that draw a smile in the rays of the morning sun, a small lizard running down the trunk. A hug of blades of grass. A stone in the shape of a heart. A small feather that flutters in the breeze and rests on the fresh moss.

Nice, to find a feather in the woods and use it to write, dipping it in the damp earth. Thoughts of the moment, spontaneous emotions, colours. I am enchanted by the power and wonder of these gestures.
She, one of the splendid souls with whom the other day we did a team-building process that began in a training room and then blossomed into the fragrance of the forest, wrote in her notebook: “Now we can safely rely on our instinct ” and, still moving the feather slowly as when in her country as a child she played at a job of the grown-ups and wrote recipes for her little playmates: “We are all directed towards a single purpose: to give happiness to us themselves to then pass it on to others.”

It is true: lightness is a surrender to the present moment. A timeless yield without limits. To what we really are. To the emotion that breaks in front of a fallen trunk and moves your mysterious memories. To the awareness that only when we welcome our ghosts and our shadows and honour them, will we be able to let them go to return to flow and to be aware. Here we are, after a day together. Nice to hear new words. Italian words, words of the heart. Companies want to train and build efficient, performing, ‘target oriented’ teams.

We, in the woods, have experienced the joy of being united, of being authentic, of entrusting ourselves to the benevolence and wisdom of the present moment and of our free energy.
And we returned happy, proud, deeply united.

One evening at a Jazz concert when it was time to start the Jam session and the musicians of the group were deciding what to play – if a ballad, that other standard or maybe a fast – one of them, smiling simply to the public, just said: I’ll play a song for you. And it has been pure poetry.


Yes I want to have this experience.