Home rebirthing

I bring you that love and creativity that I have always put in my home and for my dear affections, to bring soul and heart back to your home left alone. In this path, I will not be the ‘coach’ who supports you in the work of decluttering and redefining the spaces. Still, I propose that I will be the one to live in your (second) home when it is uninhabited with a job that, from my stay, draws the important resources of careful and settled work. I don’t claim to improve anything unless requested to do so. Maybe I can get inspiration to change the furniture and the layout for intuitions or indications of the art of ‘feng shui’. Depending on whether you ask me for a work of living presence and ‘soul-filling’ (energy and soul rebalancing of the house), creative maintenance activities, or if you wish to make some small restyling or improvement, we will agree together on the most suitable formula, preferably in the economy of gift and exchange, when it is not a question of involving artisans or external collaborators for the maintenance and organization of more structured recovery interventions. To revitalize your home or even just a part, it can take me a week, a month, or even more, depending on your needs and the type of intervention we will agree on together.


Yes I want to have this experience.