Grey and gorgeous

Circle of 4 gatherings for long-experienced women

participated in and facilitated many circles of women: mothers, artists, entrepreneurs, spiritual researchers and activists. In my job as a company trainer, I have proposed workshops on new leadership styles and, with family constellations, paths dedicated to the flowering of the maternal lineage.

Then a powerful connection with my friend, soul sister and colleague, Eleonora happens.

The theme was there, crumbly, light, and ready to be interpreted. Why not propose a circle of long-experienced women? No more wives and mothers of, lovers of, daughters of, collaborators of … Finally us! We have encouraged, solved, caressed, watched over, dedicated, offered, cared for, and supported. Now is the time to bring this gentle (sometimes even angry) force to illuminate our identity to create value in the world.

Sisters, warriors, wise women who ‘know’ and have ‘understood’. Perhaps there is still no direction, a dream, or a sense of purpose. This transformative circle will help you shine in your uniqueness and recognize talents, irony and wisdom.

This circle is inspired and will be facilitated together with Eleonora Draetta.

Eleonora has a talent and an exceptional sensitivity to tell slices of life. I discovered it following her personal blog and stories about the ‘Fort’; snapshots of rare beauty inspired by her daily life as a single mother with three sons. She is an advanced professional Adlerian counsellor and works to accompany young people and women with the goal of individual and social well-being, the prevention of discomfort, and the resolution of conflicts in particularly challenging moments in life.

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