Dee tee. De-traumatize yourself

Stubbornly trying to prove who we are is not necessarily what we are.

Yet, an invisible energy conditions our way of existing, relating, and loving. Adverse childhood events, ancestral trauma, and collective trauma (pandemic, war, climate crisis). The dense ensemble of these painful and frozen emotional layers creates a robust architecture that envelops our lives and conditions them heavily.
Dee Tee, ‘De-traumatize yourself’ is a path designed to rediscover that lightness and truth stuck in defence mechanisms and disconnection from oneself.
Entering into resonance with the other in a more profound listening in a loving and safe circle allows us to approach together with the defence scaffolding (personal and collective), to free ourselves from mental toxins and from that incredible sense of disambiguation to get to recontact, and finally recognize expressing one’s authentic self.
What is the mission of the soul in this life? If you feel that the time has come to manifest your deepest identity and you want to reconcile with the powerful energy of your true essence, you are on the right path.


Yes I want to have this experience.