All the fear of the world

Who knows if I’m more afraid of dying from a virus or an atomic bomb, dying of hunger and poverty, of neglect, or in a terrifying apocalypse? Dying of depression, loneliness? To die, for fear of dying?

What if, instead of letting myself be overwhelmed by fear, I finally try to allow life to blossom and manifest itself with joy and abundance in my every gesture, word and deed?

‘Of course, to be realistic …’ – you can tell me -‘ You have to look reality in the face ‘…’ It is useless to ignore it ‘…’ Utopias’… ‘Reality is different’… ‘Things are other than glossy pacifism’…

The reality is what we nourish at all times with our thoughts, words, and actions. But, beyond propaganda and positions, there is a specific variant: the experience of each of us. We, and not only our critical gaze on the world but also the shadows that inhabit us and that we project on external events; with discreet persistence when we are not frozen and anaesthetized by suffering and bewilderment. Yes, each of us with its massive load of grief, fear and trauma.

Or powerless, if it is true that even the most terrifying news seems to leave us indifferent. Or controversial, when we have to affirm our geopolitical ‘vision’ and do not admit contradictory; fanatic, when the other is no longer an opponent but becomes an enemy.

The current traumatic wave added to the stratifications of collective generational and geopolitical trauma is a blanket so thick and paralyzing that it makes us feel completely helpless. “How far do I do now? I want to be helpful, committed, involved, take a stand if only it were of any use. “

Instead of wanting at all costs to affirm a historical truth, a deserving clue of ‘commitment’ and ‘consistency’, why don’t we stop for a moment and try to go further for a moment?

Let’s breathe together, listening to our body, asking ourselves: “how am I in this moment? I stop judging, doing and thinking and simply give myself the permission of listening. What do I feel or, on the contrary, am I no longer able to feel? “

I invite you to take some time for yourself and be with the emotional paralysis and the shards of the fragmented and traumatizing reality surrounding us. Bring awareness to your heartbeat: “I welcome the fear, let it pass through me and enter my breath. Now I feel it; it vibrates in every fibre of my being, and it is not only mine but also of others, even of ‘adversaries’. The fear of tomorrow, the fear of having failed everything, the fear of not being up to it, the fear of our children.

“I allow myself to be with the shadow and breathe it. It is all the fear in the world!”

Tears, tremors, memories. The tales of grandparents – made less dramatic by a good apple pie and the reassuring language of those who love you and would like to keep you from horror forever (but knows well that it is not possible) – may emerge. Be present to this, as an active witness of the strength and courage of those who, like them, we’re able to save themselves, carry on life and honour it.

Now is the time to heal all this trauma accumulated over the generations; trauma that, to ‘unfreeze’, asks to be seen, processed, transformed.

Please check out this video by Thomas Hübl on the Ukrainian crisis. I followed one of his training courses on the Principles of Collective Trauma Healing. In addition, I proudly participated in the Pocket Project program and am engaged in the Global Social Witness Community. Last night after the live, people from different backgrounds shared their experiences, and it was very touching. We welcomed and honoured each testimony in a sacred and compassionate space.

It takes courage to face this vast paralyzing void, yet, life lies at the bottom of that enormous and alienating bubble of fear. Listening to ‘the other’ with unconditional love and looking for the flame at the bottom of his eyes is healing for everyone.

From this, I feel that we can start again.



Yes I want to have this experience.