A new sign

I write, sing, tell and inspire new stories. I have always found it very difficult to reconcile my three souls in a single sign, in a single voice. My primary profession is in communication and business training. As a second activity, I have carried out the work of family constellations and holistic Coaching with you, and, last but not least, I have sung and played the guitar for many years. They are three inseparable talents that I want to make available in my evolutionary paths and that define me in my integrity.

I meditated a lot, wrote, imagined, and, in the end, I found myself doing a beautiful and valuable exercise by searching my old business cards in the drawers to capture the essence of how I presented myself to the world in the different phases of my life. I have found several, starting from 1990, and I have arranged them in chronological order.

The first – which, however, I had wholly forgotten – is the one on which my surname fits into the name with two different letterings: one stick and the other graceful. Wow, I did not yet know the constellations – we talked about thirty years ago – but in that idea, there was already all the strength of my future path: Alessandra embracing her surname and not vice versa. A sign of what would become an excellent work on me and my genealogy.

The following logo was born when I opened my copywriting and storytelling studio in the mid-90s: the name was Ink, with a lovely inkblot. At the time of my first school days, the stain on the notebook was synonymous with little care and carelessness, and I remember having taken many bad grades for that form of the disorder. So from the spots instead, stories are born. And what stories! At that time, I started writing my first novels, many of which had a very therapeutic function for me.

Then came the Krixi (as my grandmother called it), the doodle.

My first flash site, created in early 2000 by my great friend and artist Graziano de Rossi kicked off my consulting phase with businesses. I began to perceive the idea of ​​sustainable development, and I sensed in the image of tangles, knots and skeins to sort out an outstanding possibility to create value. ‘Randomized’ scribbles appeared on the site: complex uniqueness, of different colours that enchanted. According to Friedrich Nietzsche, that complexity is not tricky but is always an opportunity—that chaos from which the stars are born. They became flowers that are somehow dancing added grace to my proposals and contents on the site.

Precise techniques are needed to untangle energies, thoughts, methods. It doesn’t do much good to cut off the knots like you would with the ball of yarn saved from the cat’s clutches. Narration, words are powerful tools. But what was missing? Since 2008 I have started my training in Transformational Coaching and Family Constellations. Several years of intense work and introspection, and here he finally appears on the horizon the detangler, and with a powerful vision: the enzyme.

Enzyme with the C stands for Coaching, constellations, courage, creativity, and a thousand other things. And yes, even Chiappero, that surname with which I had never managed to make peace but which, after all, years before, I had already been able to embrace in the very first logo I had created to represent myself. So, my intuitions became an active force, taking the form of a catalytic element that induces change. enzima c, an inhibitor of resistance to change that clarifies, inspires and leads people and businesses to produce new maps of thought, strategies, and actions. Like the arch I built in my childhood, I have also developed a methodology that similarly uses two ends. Constellations and Coaching: aware of one’s place in history, family values ​​and lived experience and projected towards a clear and exciting project: the ideal condition for achieving the goal of effectiveness. Just aim. Then, let it go. And the arrow hits the mark.

Fantastic, the enzyme in corporate training: he has worked with me in many classrooms for one or more companies, with many passionate and eager people to change the way people do business and experience relationships: new paths of leadership, of teaming up, of communicating.

To experience the magic awareness of nature, we joined the ‘ancestor’s forest’ for constellation work with many of you: such a powerful and joyful technique for individual work and small group gatherings!

Then, in the last years, after some deep crises on the significance of my work, the isolation of Covid, and an unexpected turn in my life – I began to feel the need to re-found the energy and intention of my activities in the helping relationship.

In the last period, I played the guitar a lot, and one of the songs I sang with great nostalgia and emotion was Woodstock. “We are stardust, we are golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden”: Woodstock, the years of my pre-adolescence, the dream of a free and fair world, the cry, the embrace. Singing that song gave me crazy strength and let all my tears fall. Yet, despite everything, I felt like that hippie walking to Max Yasgur’s farm to form a rock and roll band.

This name sounded powerful. I organized a constellation meeting called Yasgur. Joyful and a little freak to rediscover our essence of stars. Yasgur, yes, I liked him a lot, but it wasn’t ‘the name’ yet.

I didn’t want to be a copywriter to find him; nothing intellectual, advertising, expertly practical. So it had to come to me like all other inspirations. A mighty name finally erupted from the ‘viscera’ of my turbulent energies with the force of a volcano: Yasur!


Yes I want to have this experience.